New York City Dining

From casual fare to fine dining, you'll find endless NYC restaurants near Hotel Mela.

What do you love most about New York City? The answer many give is the fabulous food. From cheesecake and pizza to fine dining opportunities of every type, the restaurants in NYC offer something to suit every taste and every budget. 

Creating a comprehensive list of New York City restaurants would take volumes—and it would need frequent updates as the food scene in the city is every changing and growing. There are more than 26,000 restaurants in NYC, and this guide includes just a few of the staff at Hotel Mela’s favorites to be a sort of jumping off point for your foray into the best of NYC food and drink. 

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Felidia is a popular NY Restaurant that serves up some of the City’s best Italian food.

For Italian NY Dining, Felidia is a favorite among guest at Hotel Mela...

Il Mulino | Restaurants in NYC

Hotel Mela’s guests can enjoy fine Italian dining at this award-winning restaurant.

Craving Italian during your stay at Hotel Mela? Il Mulino is a top-rated choice...

Quality Meats | NYC Dining

Enjoy a fabulous steak during your stay at Hotel Mela.

Is a fabulous steak what you crave? When our guests want one of the best steaks in town, Hotel Mela recommended the fine fare at Quality Meats...

Tao | NYC Restaurant

Tao is one of many of the nearby fine dining options for guests at Hotel Mela.

Enjoy a fine dining experience at Tao – an award-winning NYC Restaurant...