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New York Fashion Week is a twice a year NYC Event that presents the latest fashions the industry insiders, press, buyers and some general public.

February 6, 2020

Date: February 6 – February 20, 2020
Location: Varies throughout New York

New York is considered by many as the fashion capitol of the world, but for the two separate weeks a year when New York Fashion Week is held, there is no doubt that the fashion world takes over New York.

New York Fashion Week is the ‘must attend’ event of the year.  In 2018, an estimated 230,000 members of the general public, celebrities and fashion industry attended over 200 presentations of fashion and related items over a 7-day period.

The fashion industry iconic labels are the stars of New York Fashion Week, including; Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Tom Ford, Fendi, Prada and many more.

There are other smaller, related fashion events that take place in other areas of the city like Small Boutique Fashion Week and Harlem Fashion Week.

The tickets and invites for the major runway events that feature the top fashion designers are highly prized and difficult to come by.  Often, the first row or two of these exclusive runway events are reserved for the ‘who’s who’ of the media industry, celebrities, fashion icons and sports figures.

Even if you are not among the fashion elite or a celebrity, you can enjoy many of the New York Fashion Week events, and product launches.

For more information about New York Fashion Week 2020, visit the Official New York Fashion Week Website

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Model walks a runway during Fashion Week