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NYC Photo Tour: Best Photo Spots in NYC

New York is considered, ‘America’s Most Exciting City’ – so there is no limit to the incredible photo opportunities. This latest NYC Travel Blog article, ‘NYC Photo Tour: Best Photo Spots in NYC’ – introduces you to just a few of the many Instagram worthy spots in our incredible city.

September 18, 2019

Hotel Mela is set in the heart of Manhattan and next to Times Square near many great photo opportunities in New York!  Our latest NYC Travel Blog article; 'NYC Photo Tour: Best Photo Spots in NYC' – presents you with some inspiring photo opportunity locations you will enjoy exploring during your next visit to New York.

New York is nothing but amazing photo opportunities, so it is not difficult to find nice subject to photograph – we are here to help you find the truly great photo opportunities!

So, let’s go!

New York Skyline from Empire State Building

NYC Skyline: No matter how you shoot it, the NYC Skyline is an interesting and beautiful subject. If you are fortunate enough to shoot the NYC Skyline at night during a helicopter tour, high-rise building or one of the many Rooftop Bars throughout the city, you are sure to capture some beautiful and memorable photos.


Love sign in New York

Love Sign: You’ve likely seen the ‘LOVE’ sign in many Instagram posts and on Social Media accounts, so why not include it in your own shoot?  This landmark is located on 6th Avenue.  It is best to shoot this landmark later in the evening for best lighting and for smaller crowds passing by and those waiting to take a photograph as well.


Radio City Music Hall after a rain

Radio City Music Hall: Just one of the many iconic and beautifully lit buildings in this great city. There is almost no time that is bad for shooting this historic building, but if you are lucky enough to be in the city after a rain, the wet sidewalks and streets create wonderful reflections.


Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty: O.k., you’ve seen photos of this historic landmark all too often so if you are going to bother with ‘another Statue of Liberty’ photo, try to do so from a unique angle or during early morning or late afternoon for the best natural lighting.


Holiday display in New York

Holiday Displays: O.k., this is an easy one, but they are so beautiful and fun to photograph.  If you are lucky enough to visit NYC during the Holiday Season you will not be short on fantastic photography subjects…Ornaments, window displays, Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, and much, much more! Just step out the door of Hotel Mela and walk.


Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset

Brooklyn Bridge: There are few bridges anywhere in the world that have been photographed more than the Brooklyn Bridge…but if YOU haven’t shot the Brooklyn Bridge, you should.  Pedestrian can walk across this iconic bridge but the best time to do so is weekdays, as early as possible or as late as possible to avoid the crowds and or more dramatic natural lighting.


Central Park in the Fall Season

Central Park: Did you think we were going to leave out the most photographed part of NYC? Not a chance.  Central Park is worthy of a photo shoot all its own.  Beautiful lakes, lush lawns, picturesque walkways, a Zoo, Skating Rink and more.  As in most cases, arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon or at night for the best natural lighting. Which season is best to shoot Central Park? All of them; Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter – Central Park is ready for her photo shoot.


Bryant Park in the afternoon

Bryant Park: Worthy of more than an honorable mention for NYC Parks, Bryant Park is just 2 blocks from Hotel Mela, and this beautiful park is in the heart of Manhattan surrounded by skyscrapers and next to the New York Public Library. A beautiful great lawn, interesting greenery, the Carousel and more make for worthy subjects.


Cheeseburger in New York restaurant

Food: Yep, food. Everyone seems to love taking photos of their food and what better place to continue the trend than in the food capital of the world, New York City? And perhaps best of all, what a great excuse to try some interesting restaurants you may not have otherwise discovered. Sushi in Midtown. Dim Sum in Chinatown. Steak in Chelsea. Italian in Little Italy. Burgers in Soho.


New York Subway clean and beautiful car

Subway: The Subway? Yes. If you time your photos when the cars are empty, or not, depending on the interesting subjects on the cars, you can capture some interesting photographs of Subway cars.

We hope our NYC Travel Blog article; 'NYC Photo Tour: Best Photo Spots in NYC' has inspired you to plan a visit to New York soon to capture your own great photos and freshen up your Instagram account with shots of ‘America’s Most Exciting City.’

Of course, this is not a complete list of the Best Photo Spots in NYC, but it is a good start and we’ll publish lists of more great photo spots in New York soon. 

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