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New York Things to Do: How to Get Around New York City

In this NYC Travel Blog article, ‘New York Things to Do: How to Get Around New York City’ we provide you with many was to discover Manhattan including by foot, train and bus. Have fun navigating through the Big Apple with ease.

November 9, 2020

Before you touch down into a New York City airport, it’s smart to know how you’re going to navigate the city once you get there. There are so many things to do and see in New York, and much of these activities and attractions are spread out across the city, so having a solid transportation game plan is necessary if you want to enjoy your stay.

This latest NYC Travel Blog article; 'New York City Things to do: How to Get Around New York City' – lists many of the ways to travel around New York. Whether you choose to explore by foot or taxi, or need to take the subway or a bus to your destination, you’ll know how to get where you’re going after reading this blog post.

No matter your budget, there are several ways to get from the airport to your hotel, from your hotel to attractions, and from one area of New York City to another. Since not all modes of transportation fit the needs of every traveler, we outline many of the most popular methods of transport.

Of course, we try to save you money on your NYC trip by highlighting lost-cost transportation. But, for travelers who value comfort over price, we include luxury transport options as well.

Here are our top tips for ‘How to Get Around New York City:’

Getting from JFK, LGA or EWR airports to Hotel Mela:

Taxi - You can hail at taxi at the arrivals terminals of JFK, LGA and EWR airports, and taking a taxi into the city is a convenient way to travel. Thus, riding in a taxi is a popular way to travel to downtown New York. But, be prepared to pay a premium to get to Manhattan via cab. Most New York City taxis are licensed by the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and their rates are fixed. Base fares, plus state fees, mileage fees, and travel time fees - along with some surcharges based on time of day travel or tunnel travel - continues to add to taxi’s costs, putting them out of budget for some travelers.

Bus - NYC express busses operate from JFK, LGA and EWR airports to downtown Manhattan. From the bus drop-off points, it’s easy to walk or take the subway to Hotel Mela. Many New York airport express shuttle buses are large vehicles with plush seating and under-carriage luggage storage compartments. These comfortable transportation options typically have fixed-rate fees and they require reservations.

Private Car or Limousine - If money is no object, consider taking a private car or limousine to Hotel Mela. Ride in style in a chartered luxury vehicle, the perfect method of transport if you need privacy - or quiet time - to work or rest on your way to downtown Manhattan. Reservations for private car and limousine travel can be made at the Port Authority Welcome Center located on the arrivals level of all New York airports.

Uber - Uber is today’s version of the taxi for many younger travelers. It’s an easy service that can be scheduled from your smartphone, and it offers accurate pricing before you travel so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the fee. When booking your ride from the airport to Hotel Mela with Uber, just key in your current and final destination, and then tip after your trip if you’re pleased with your driver.

There are so many things to do and see in New York, and much of these activities and attractions are spread out across the city, so having a solid transportation game plan is necessary if you want to enjoy your stay.

Getting Around Manhattan:

Subway - Most locals will tell you that the best way to get around New York City is to ‘take the subway.’ This is likely the single-most efficient means to travel throughout New York if your destination is more than 10 blocks away. The subway is fast, easy and affordable. It’ll take you almost anywhere you want to go in Manhattan, and if it doesn’t, it’ll deliver you close by. The subway runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, it gets busy during rush hours and you’ll find that not all trains run on all days. But, the subway is still the best way to travel from Point A to Point B.

Foot - How do most New Yorkers get around? They walk! One of the most authentic and fun ways to discover New York is by foot. As you traverse the crowded streets of New York City by foot, you’ll be able to see how the locals navigate through the lines of taxi cabs, the sometimes-chaotic traffic intersections and, of course, the scores of tourists. No matter what walking patterns you observe, however, make sure you abide by traffic signals and watch out for crazy cabs (no jaywalking)!

Bus - Busses have to stop every couple of blocks and they often get stuck in traffic, so we suggest only using them if you need to travel from east to west. Most of the time, you can combine a bus trip with a subway ride to get where you’re going efficiently (rides can typically be combined for no extra cost on a MetroCard).

Taxi - On any city street, you can hail a taxi (that is if you find one that’s empty) to get where you going. But, don’t try to jump in a cab at 5 p.m. That’s when the driver’s change shifts. Taxi’s are rather pricey, but they can be convenient than walking if you have 15 or more blocks to travel (unless you hail one during gridlocked rush hour).

Uber - Uber has become so popular in New York City that you’ll probably have a much easier time securing a driver through this mobile app than you would through a taxi service. Using your smartphone, schedule your Uber pickup and drop-off, and then receive a fixed price for your ride. Watch out, however, as Uber fees surge when tolls are tacked on for bridge crossing and premium-hour trips.

Ferry - New ferry services have emerged in recent years to take travelers between Wall Street, several Lower East Side stops, East 34th Street in Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The fare is the same as the subway, and for those who are traveling between opposite edges of the city, this ride can be quite scenic and enjoyable.

Bike - New York City is a great bicycling metropolis. Throughout Manhattan, you’ll find bike lanes and routes, including some protected lanes that are painted green and divided from cars. Citibike is a great public bike-sharing platform that lets you easily rent 2 wheels to explore downtown and all 5 boroughs in New York.

You have many options for getting around New York. We hope that our NYC Travel Blog article; 'New York Things to Do: How to Get Around New York City' has given you some insight into your best options, no matter your budget.

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